5. Ralph Wilkinson

The old Seaton Burn Colliery Railway bridge was originally wooden and carried coal from Seaton Burn Colliery, crossing over the old A1 just north of the Seaton Burn stream. In 1920, it was replaced by the stone and iron bridge.

This is a photo of Ralph Wilkinson from a book of prisoners” photos in the Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn. Ralph was a resident of High Cross Row, to the north of Seaton Burn. On 5 February 1907, aged 18, he was apprehended for attempting to blow up the railway bridge.


The story appeared in the local newspapers, where it was revealed that Ralph had lost his father six months previously and this had greatly affected his mental state

In the 1911 census Ralph Wilkinson, appears as an inmate of Newcastle Gaol.

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