9. The Six Mile Bridge Inn

The Six Mile Bridge Inn is probably the oldest building in Seaton Burn, dating from about 1796 when it was in use a coaching house

On 26 March 1833, William Buddle, a butcher from Newcastle, was attacked near Seaton Burn and robbed of £19 of gold, silver and notes. Despite putting up a brave fight, aided by his trusty dog, the villains –  John Macbeth, James Kelley, James Henry, and John Slater – fled with Buddle’s money.

Buddle continued on to Seaton Burn and, at 2am, woke up the inhabitants of the Six Mile Bridge Inn, who tended to his wounds. He returned to Newcastle to tell the authorities of his ordeal. Macbeth and Kelly were eventually captured at Durham, and Slater and Henry were apprehended later, in Leicestershire. Their death sentences were later changed as it was noted that guns were involved, and Buddle could have been killed if the assailants had wished. They were transported.

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